Poorva Sadana - Founder, Owner and Editor - Fashion Food Soul

Poorva Sadana – Founder, Owner and Editor

Hola! I am Poorva, the soul behind Fashion Food Soul! I am extremely glad that you stopped by because there is a lot that I wanna tell you about me and this blog!

My story begins rather boringly, when I studied to become a pharmacist (which by the way, very often provokes the chemist in me, and you can see the proof of my chemist self in the beauty reviews where I make it a point to include the product chemistry; I can’t really help it!). From studying core chemistry and biology, I entered the corporate world working as a business analyst-cum-consultant for a significantly long time. Really, really long time.

So, how did I spend my time? I used to love reading beauty product reviews as I found it extremely therapeutic, as this simple exercise helped me take my mind off extremely tense situations and hence, along the way re-awoke my love for writing! I used to love writing in school, but the habit wore off as I entered the extremely technical and demanding pharmacy course. But after reading so many beautiful blogs from all over the world, I got inspired to write one of my own! I began writing skincare and makeup reviews, in order to give back to the world what I had taken from it. So you could have seen me writing product reviews in some of the free hours I had at work. I am not an expert in makeup but love all products that make me feel confident and phenomenal! Hence began the writer’s journey.

Fashion Food Soul, or FFS as I have also been calling it since day 1, was conceived in the wee hours of December 2, 2014 when I published my very first blog! Since then, there has been no looking back. With FFS, I re-discovered my love for writing, and also realized how fashion and makeup are powerful tools to express your being, and hence I began to work on my look in a more thoughtful manner. Being a plus-sized girl since time immemorial, I had body image issues for a long time. But fashion has helped me deal with it because I have taught myself to dress in a way in order to look and feel the best I can. In this regard, I have utmost respect for good fashion, because it really affects your thinking about yourself. And I firmly believe that anybody can look good if you embrace your body, love it, be confident about it, and dress in a way that brings out the best you have.

I am a foodie (like everybody else these days, and for the lack of a better word, foodista maybe?!) and since my childhood, I have loved experimenting with food, I began reviewing these on my blog for the sheer love of writing about food!

Having had deeper trenches of challenges and a plethora of experiences in my life, I have been compelled to ponder the meaning of life. This also triggered a lot of serious writing on my part, on topics that matter to me. I wanted an outlet where I could share my thinking with all of you, and hence, I have re-imagined the Soul of Fashion Food Soul to be a place where I write about feelings, relationships, feminism and the deepest aspects of life. The Soul of FFS is hence, my haven, where I welcome you all!

I have made FFS a positive, colourful place where you can fall in love with beauty and skincare products, where you can read my unadulterated reviews of food, where you can see how I style myself, and yes, have a journey within yourself, right into your soul. I hope to see you come here often!

Soulfully yours,



PS: I also happen to be a language enthusiast, currently learning the finer nuances of Spanish. I write poems and stories in Spanish at www.soledadsolemne.wordpress.com if you wanna go and have a peek or get inspired to learn the language! (Right now, contemplating whether to pick the very similar Italian or the mysterious Arabic 😀 )

Also, I consider myself a writer more than a blogger (I am pretty old-school, plus I find the word “writer” a  lot more organic 🙂 ) presently scribbling away a lot of thoughts in the form of quotes. You can check them out on my social media handles.