How Nosepins Transformed Me!

Every woman defines her style in her own unique way. Though there definitely are things which are complete game changers and thoroughly transform a woman. Lipstick is one. The second is kohl. And in jewellery, it is the nosepin. And I can vouch for all the three from my personal experience.

I had considered getting my nose pierced for the longest time. 7 years to be precise. Why didn’t I just go ahead and do it? Because I had had a terrible experience with my second ear piercing which had gone bad and I had to, unfortunately, get rid of it. At the same time, the guy who pierced my ear had closely examined my nose and warned me against having it pierced, EVER, because “my nose was on the *harder side*” (whatever that means!) and had a full chance of being a ruined piercing. Still having scars to prove the ear piercing gone bad, I never butted my nose in the piercing business.

Hence, I continued to admire pretty women with their pretty nose rings and pins and the like…till the day I discovered nose clip-ons.

These charming little pieces of artwork, tiny enough to fit on a nose, gave a person like me the liberty to experiment with my look WITHOUT having to undergo the piercing gun. The first time I wore a nose clip-on, I knew this was gonna be my jewellery bag essential forever!

Plus, on the days when I have to dress up in rigid formals, I have the option of wearing a tiny one, without much hassle, or the freedom to not wear it at all, without a blank piercing staring out!

So, it was sort of a mandatory thing for FFS to bring these beautiful pieces of jewellery to all of you! Our quirky jewellery store, Sammoh, brings to you a distinct variety of nose clip-ons for every occasion. These are a few of my favourite pieces from our semi-precious stone clip-on collection.





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