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I have recently read that it’s not essential to wash oneself every single day 😛 One should bathe only when one feels the need for it. This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, because we do not normally encounter other animals washing themselves every single day. Come to think of it, we need to bathe because we have to deal with dirt, pollution and grime, all of which has been created by humans themselves. Hence, we have to pay for it by bathing quite often, lest we begin to smell like chimpanzees.

I have used several soaps and shower gels, and the factor that differentiates the good ones from the bad ones is 1. Fragrance 2. How dry they leave the skin.

I especially picked The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Shower Gel because I had already used and love the perfume oil from the same line (read full review here). (And plus, the sale was magnanimous!)

Packaging: TBS changed the packaging of The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Shower Gel a couple of years ago and the new bottles are all white with an Indian rangoli/ambi design in the front, with the product name in an orange box. The cap is black colored, with a twisting main opening, and to dispense some while using, there is a small push-button. It dispenses the product as required and there is no problem of over-dispensing. The packing is leak proof as it has been lying inverted in my bathroom for several weeks and never once has it leaked 😛

Appearance: The shower gel is a light golden in color.


Fragrance: The fragrance had won my heart the first time round with the perfume oil. The shower gel has the exact same fragrance, with lovely white floral notes with an unrecognisable sweetness to it. It is a happy-happy fragrance for me, and quite uplifting. For the same reason, I use it on days when I am especially feeling down and out. The fragrance makes your bathing time a positive experience.

Efficacy: As a shower gel, I would rate it very good because it does what it claims. It lathers well and leaves the skin completely clean. You need a coin sized amount for the entire body, and especially with a loofah (I am using bath gloves these days :)) it lathers luxuriously. The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Shower Gel washes away easily and does not leave any oily or greasy film behind which leave you rinsing and rinsing and rinsing some more.

Post showering, it does leave the skin a bit dry and you need to follow it up with a lotion or body butter so that you are not left itching and scratching. I would not really rate it as a negative as it is quite obvious for any cleansing agent to wash away the natural body oils and hence it is always a great idea to moisturize the skin immediately post a shower. I personally love to follow it up with moringa body butter (you can read the full review here).

FFS Rating: 4/5

Price: Rs 625 for 250 ml (look out for sales, you can find some deals on TBS online)

Buy Online: You can buy it from TBS India site here

PROs and CONs:


  1. The great happy white floral scent
  2. Little goes a long way, and hence a bottle can last you several months
  3. Sturdy packaging
  4. Effective skin cleanser


  1. Expensive for a shower gel, however, if you buy during sale periods, this is worth it
  2. The fragrance does not last post showering
  3. Leaves the skin a bit dry after shower, but this is not really a con as this happens with every soap and shower gel.

Final Verdict: The Body Shop Indian Night Jasmine Shower Gel is a great smelling shower gel, totally effective and makes the shower time a goody-good experience. If you don’t have unrealistic expectations (such as fragrance that lasts post showering and no need to moisturize the skin afterwards), it is a decent investment as a bottle will last you really long!

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