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Kiwis are unusual fruit. They are furry, fuzzy and quite odd-looking. But once you get beyond the exterior, you discover lush green juicy fruit, oozing flavour and loaded with vitamin and mineral. Plus it has those sour black seeds imparting a phenomenal texture and character to the entire being of the fruit. Almost like a human being, it has these gorgeous layers that you can discover as you delve deeper. Once you ponder these little things in life, life itself seems so much deeper and more meaningful!

Oh, by the way, we are talking about a Fabindia lip butter today, called Fabindia Dew Kiwi Lip Butter. It happens to be in a flavour of kiwi (or so they have tried, you will find out what I mean below…!). So, let’s find out if this product was as meaningful to me as the description of kiwi above 🙂 

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Product Description and Claims: The company has mentioned the following characteristics on the website for Fabindia Dew Kiwi Lip Butter:

  • Lip Butter
  • Round Box Packing
  • Natural
  • Mild
  • Spreads smoothly

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Ingredients and Chemistry:

Castor Oil (skin conditioning agent), Octyldodecanol (emulsifier-an agent that helps keep watery and oily substances together in a stable state), Sorbitan Olivate (surfactant to help dissolve ingredients), Sunflower Oil (skin conditioning agent), Bees Wax (emulsifier), 2 Ethylhexyl Palmitate (lubricant), Microcrystalline Wax (emulsifier), Oliwax (skin conditioning agent, stabilizer), Shea Butter (skin conditioning agent), Almond Oil (skin conditioning agent), Emulsifying Wax (Emulsifier), Carnauba Wax (emulsifier), Kiwi Flavour (flavouring agent), Tocopheryl Acetate (Antioxidant, skin conditioning agent), Pentaerythrityl Tetra-Di-T-Butyl Hydroxyhydro Cinnamate (Antioxidant), CI 12740 (colorant), CI 61565 (colorant)

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Packaging: Fabindia has recently revived the packaging of all its products to make them more modern looking. Though I do have the complaint that they have raised their prices very significantly post this change. The packaging of the lip balms have changed now to look sleeker and polished, while the old packaging looked quite plastic-y. The lid is metallic gold with a screw-on cap. I also like that there is a second lid to protect the product (being waxy and oily, lip balms have higher tendency of going rancid if exposed to air). The main container of Fabindia Dew Kiwi Lip Butter is a clear plastic tub. Yes, you may not like the tub as you have to dip fingers in, but this container is very “kiss friendly”! You can easily put your lips to the pot and have a decent quantity on your lips! The pot came packed within a cardboard and plastic packing.

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Color, Scent and Flavour: I’m not a big fan of oddly colored lip products. See, if it is a pink or a red that is giving a pinky tint to my lips, it is serving some purpose. But I am not a fan of coloring a product just to justify the flavour! So the green colored lip balm puts me off. And coming to the other important factor, the scent, which has been named a “Dew Kiwi” had me having high expectations. But actually sniffing it made me only think of one thing: Poppins candy! That too, the horrible green colored ones! It smells nowhere close to a kiwi, rather smells estremely artificial and syrupy sweet. Not good, Fabindia! Though you guys have changed the packaging, you could have thought of improving the flavour that you have newly introduced! One saving factor for Fabindia Dew Kiwi Lip Butter is that it doesn’t have any significant flavour and the horrible scent doesn’t linger for more than a couple of minutes on your lips.

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Texture and Effectiveness: Being hopeless on the color and scent, I had set low expectations from the lip balm on its performance. But to my surprise, it works pretty well! The formula of Fabindia Dew Kiwi Lip Butter is nice and comfortable, and not too waxy. I remember having used the old packaged Fruity Vanilla lip balm a few years ago and I remember that it was extremely waxy (almost like rubbing a candle on your lips!) and I hated the feel it had (and again, it had a horrible scent, so I guess they never really put a thought into the scents?!). But to my surprise, this one is quite decently moisturising and leaves lips soft and smooth. It could be attributed to the fact that this one has several types of natural oils in it, which balance out with the several waxes that they have included to have a smoother application. Overnight application has so far been helpful with this balm as my lips are not too chapped or hopelessly dry till now (having mostly used and checked this product during warmer months of the year), and this has helped me relieve this partial dryness. So I am not completely disappointed with my purchase (actually, my sister’s purchase, it was she who bought it, not me, I just hijacked it for reviewing purpose!) as I think we will still end up using it. The lip butter lasts about 2-3 hours on the lips, after which you may end up having to apply again.

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Price: Rs 150 for 5 gms.

FFS Rating: 2.9/5

Where to Buy: All Fabindia outlets across. 

PROs and CONs:


  1. Decently moisturizing
  2. A cute pot packaging; the new gold lid looks classier, plus it has a second lid within to protect the product from getting oxidized
  3. Not very expensive (though now I remember, Fabindia used to give 10 grams of the product at this price earlier, while now it is half the quantity at the same price. Smart tactics!)


  1. Horrible, horrible scent which is nowhere close to being that of a kiwi. Which now reminds me that Fabindia had a Dew Plum lip balm earlier which was green in color. And which now makes me think that they have just renamed the damn old thing to be a Dew Kiwi?! Is that so? Hmmmmm?
  2. The useless green color. No, I am happy with kiwi fragrance without a kiwi flavoured product being so artificially green, thank you very much! Plus, it doesn’t even smell like a kiwi!

Final Verdict: I find Fabindia Dew Kiwi Lip Butter an OKish product. I have used tons and tons of lip balms and this one would be somewhere in the middle of my “Pyramid of Recommendations”. It isn’t too awesome a product because I honestly don’t prefer such colored lip balms. But it does work fine as a lip balm, so I only recommend it to those who are fine with a Poppins scented lip balm! As for me, I will not buy it again, but will definitely use this pot.

Have you tried Fabindia Dew Kiwi Lip Butter? How did you find it? Drop your comments below!

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