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I have a special place for popcorn in my heart. Not because of watching movies with a tub of popcorn in my lap. But because of the childhood attachment with the rehdi-wala popcorn vendors. Came winters, and along came tons of popcorn with it! I clearly remember an old hawker who used to set up his rehdi under my house when I was very young. Buying popcorn for Rs 5 every single evening was a habit. Plus, he knew I loved fresh hot popcorn, so he ensured I only got the freshly popped kernels and not the ones he had popped earlier during the day. Fond memories!

Now, living in the modern times, there is no dearth of innovative flavours in every product you can imagine. So flavoured popcorn is my thing! And having spotted these eye-catching fat bags in the metro station stores and supermarts, I knew I had to try these.

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INOX (yes, the extremely popular multiplex chain) has launched several products under its Muchos range, including 4 flavoured popcorn variants. I bought all 4 of them (after first having tried their Toffee and Caramel flavour and absolutely loving it! More on it below…) to review for you guys.

So, first check out the names of all the flavours of INOX Muchos Popcorn. They have two savoury variants, which are called “Super Cheese vs Pepperman” and “Chipotle Chilli Mustard Shootout”! Then, there are two sweet popcorn variants named “How Toffee Won Caramel” and “The Pineapple Green Chilli Affair”. I actually loved their innovative flavour naming. I’ll give you a mini review of each flavour.

First, the sweet variants of INOX Muchos Popcorn.

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How Toffee Won Caramel

This has to be my absolute favourite among all the four. This happened to be the first one that I tried at a metro station, feeling terribly hungry after a long day of work. And it had me at the first bite. I was expecting it to have a slightly sweet, maybe thin layer of caramel on it. But I was so wrong!  This popcorn is richly coated with golden brown toffee and caramel. It is highly flavourful and makes me feel like I am in a dreamy, caramelly world! Some people may find it too sweet for their tastebuds, but for me, it is a dream dessert.

FFS Rating: 5/5

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The Pineapple Green Chilli Affair

This is my next favourite flavour among all. Similar to the Toffee variant, this one is thickly coated with bright yellow pineapple flavoured sugar. Well, a small let-downer for me is that the pineapple flavour feels a bit artificial and reminiscent of pineapple-flavoured cream biscuit, but I still like it because it is quite a unique popcorn flavour! It has a very slight chilli kick to it towards the end. I would have preferred it to have some more chilli for a bigger blast of flavour. Still, a great flavour to try!

FFS Rating: 4/5

Price: Both these variants sell for Rs 60 for 70 grams

It may seem to be priced on the higher side, but the quantity and flavour completely make up for it.




Now, let’s quickly jump over to the savoury variants of INOX Muchos Popcorn.

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Chipotle Chilli Mustard Shootout

The name had me a bit confused, because I didn’t really know what to expect inside. Chilly? Mustard? Chipotle? Well, the first mouthful gave me a hint of tomato-y chilly spice. Then, I experienced a lemony zing. The spice level was apt and the flavours were complementing each other. But I was disappointed with the quality of the popcorn because it wasn’t crisp at all! So I am not happy with it.

FFS Rating: 2.75/5

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Super Cheese vs Pepperman

This popcorn looks pretty plain, so I had low expectations from the first look. The first bite didn’t really leave me impressed. It does have some flavour of cheese and a slight hint of pepper, but the flavour is not as bold as I wanted. Plus, having first tasted the toffee variant, you sort of begin to expect the other variants to be just as good, if not better! So, this became the least favourite flavour. Plus, just like the Chipotle Chilli popcorn, the cheese popcorn wasn’t crisp, making the experience rather boring.

FFS Rating: 2/5

Price: Rs 50 for 25 grams. They have some promotional packs selling for Rs 35, and I got those! I definitely didn’t find the savoury variants worth the price.

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If you are a popcorn lover, especially a caramel popcorn lover, I highly recommend the Toffee Caramel variant of INOX Muchos Popcorn. You will keep going back for more, just like me!

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