Britannia Good Day Wonderfulls Cookie Review, Price

I always love to try new types of cookies. I try and get myself as many new types as possible with every visit to the supermarket. If I’m lost in Big Bazaar, you know you’ll find me in the cookie aisle 🙂 So I spotted these new ones called Britannia Good Day Wonderfulls Cookie the other day and of course, had to try them out.

Flavours: Two. One is called Choco and Nut while the other is called Berries and Nut. I was more excited to try the one with berries, because #addictedtoberries!

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Berries and Nuts: It has a great aroma and a mild fruity flavour to it. Though my complaint is that the pieces of berries are too small to grant a biscuit significant chewiness, which I love in cookies that have a fruit element to them. It also has some tiny pieces of nuts. Overall, I liked it but it is not the most unique biscuit because I have already had something similar in Britannia Heavens (read review here).

FFS Rating: 3.5/5


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Choco and Nut: The flavour of chocolate was good and not at all artificial, which is my regular complaint with chocolate biscuits. Also, the nuts added a good flavour to the biscuit. The best part is that it also has some chocolate chips in it which makes the cookie even chocolateier. I would say, though I expected the berry variant to be better, I was mildly surprised to find myself reaching out for this one more!

Rating: 4/5

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Price: Rs 25 each. Each packet of Britannia Good Day Wonderfulls Cookie has about 10 biscuits.

Repurchase: Yes! Why not? But I will be buying the chocolate one only 🙂 (My mom did like the berry variant though, so may have to get it for her  😛 )

What is your favourite cookie? Drop your comments below!

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