Guiltless Sins – Flaxseed Candy Bar Recipe

Dessert is something I have major love for and cannot compromise on. So while waffles and choco-lava cakes do feature on the order summary, sometimes all you crave for is a guiltless indulgence that makes you feeling good about having that sweet tooth.

I was also wondering how to use flaxseeds in a way that we get to actually eat this superfood without being too conscious of its bland taste. And thus was born the idea to share this lovely dessert.

Healthy desserts cannot get easier than this as this would not take you more than 5 minutes of cooking time and a total of 15 minutes to make! No kidding! Do try and let me know how you liked it.


Flaxseeds: 50 grams

Jaggery powder: 50 grams

A pinch of salt


  1. Toasting flaxseeds initially is important. So take a large pan and dry toast the flaxseeds on medium flame. This would take about 3 minutes. Keep stirring the contents up to avoid overheating of the seeds in a certain area.
  2. Once the seeds are roasted, empty the pan and add the jaggery with just a teaspoon of water to melt the sugar up. You can overheat a little to the browning point if you want a more caramel-y taste. Else just melt the jaggery. Add a pinch of salt to it as well.
  3. To the molten jaggery mix, add the toasted flaxseeds and mix really well till well combined. Turn the gas off.
  4. To a flat dish, liberally apply a layer of oil. Keep this dish ready beforehand.
  5. Transfer the flaxseed candy to this dish and flatten with a spoon. Wait for it to cool, this would take about 20-30 minutes. Then break up the candy into random shapes and store in an airtight container.

That’s it! It’s as easy as making maggi and you’ve got a dessert to treasure for a week (or a couple of days if you’re like me and can’t keep your hands off this tasty mess!)

The roasted flaxseeds have a flavour to kill, it’s yummy and smells amazing. Jaggery is obviously a healthier alternative to sugar and adds a lovely, earthy sweetness to the candy. Salt will bring out all the flavours in a punch.

You have to try this unusual dessert to believe how good it is.

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