8 Things To Do Different This Diwali

Diwali is special for every Indian all over the world. But we have come to associate it only with bursting crackers, recycling gifts from one relative to the other, mindless splurging, eating and overconsumption. This Diwali, let us do things different. Here are 8 ideas:

  1. Light more diyas than usual

If you usually buy 50 diyas for your home, buy more and light more. I find lighting diyas and candles on Diwali extremely therapeutic. On some level, it feels like you are eradicating the darkness of your own soul and burning away the negativity of your house. Hence, light more diyas and decorate your house with them yourself. You would love the harmonious energy that these burning candles will bring.

  1. Spend half the money that you would have spent on crackers on buying something for yourself

I can’t tell you how relieved I am with the Supreme Court maintaining the ban on firecrackers in Delhi this Diwali. Keeping religion and celebration aside, I can’t forget the sickening smog we breathed through last year post Diwali and how ridiculous it felt to be wearing masks just because we had “celebrated” a festival. Keeping my opinion aside, if you still want to indulge in fireworks, the least you can do is spend only half of your planned money on firecrackers and buy something useful for yourself with the other half. Firecracker money is anyways, money going away in a puff of smoke. If nothing else, buy yourself some cool mechandise from your favourite series, something to decorate your room with, or anything at all that you fancy. You will be much happier.

  1. Instead of buying others sweets, gift something savoury

All of us receive an excess of sweets and chocolates from friends, relatives and our offices.  So, instead of being a culprit yourself, gift everyone something savoury instead! Think mini kachori, samosa, namkeen, chakli, chips and so on… People may be blessing you under their breath!

  1. Recycle an old outfit instead of buying a new one

Buying a new outfit for festive occasions can hit your pocket if you are living on a budget. Pull out some fancy stuff from the last wedding season and mix and match to create a new look! However, if you are planning to indulge in fireworks, do take care to ensure that you are wearing cotton clothes only.

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  1. Gift yourself a book

If you have been putting off buying that book because it was too expensive, or whether you have been eyeing a particular rare novel but not buying it because it was out of your budget, please do yourself a favour and buy it. Definitely check out book prices regularly on Amazon and Flipkart as they have amazing deals coming out on books all the time. There is no better gift to yourself than a book. And no better time to splurge than Diwali.

  1. Buy your parents something they had been meaning to get for themselves but they never did

If your Mom had casually mentioned that she wanted a particular outfit or piece of jewellery, buy it for her without letting her know. No, this does not include another pressure cooker for the kitchen, please! Gift them something for “them”, not the house. Pamper your parents in whatever way you can. They have given you all that you have today, so it is only your responsibility to make them happy in such ways 🙂

  1. Adopt one good habit only, and try to keep doing it for as long as you can

This Diwali, just adopt one small, good habit. Though Diwali is not really a time for resolutions, but nevertheless, it is the beginning of the new year as per Hindu calendar, and really, any time is good time to adopt a good habit. It could be as simple as going back to reading again if you have abandoned the habit (start with a couple of pages a day only, but stick to it). You will feel even better about the festival.

  1. Stop sending forwarded messages, instead just send a heartfelt “Happy Diwali”

Nobody reads mile long message forwards nor sees those forwarded picture messages. Instead, type a simple but genuine “Happy Diwali” to your near and dear ones. Feels much warmer and heartfelt.

Make this Diwali different. You will love the festival even more!

Share this article with all your friends and spread the “difference”, and make this a really Happy Diwali!

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