7 Things To Do Instead of Having A Big, Fat Indian Wedding

So you have decided to tie the knot? Congratulations! If you have figured that bit of your life, you need to hop over to this article that affirms that you don’t need a big, pompous wedding to impress the society. And once you have read the piece, you will know that your wedding is not the biggest occasion to celebrate in your life because there are tons of things that you need to do in your life that need a good amount of money. Here are 7 things to do instead of having a big fat wedding.

  1. Make a down payment for your home or car

The most significant expense in our lives is buying a house, followed by buying a car. These investment heavy commitments are important milestones post marriage and hence, you can make these dreams come true by putting your money here, instead of feeding a thousand odd guests at your wedding. Chances are, the guests will still leave complaining that the rice was undercooked and the cake wasn’t gooey enough.

  1. Get that fancy degree from the University you always aspired to go to

If you had been wanting to study from a renowned university abroad, money in your pocket would help you more than an education loan. You don’t want to be reeling under debt for the rest of your life. So go on, get that fancy degree that would help you more in building a brighter future, than having a wedding in a brightly lit 5-star hotel.

  1. Start a business

Give wings to the dreams that you had with that business idea you considered worth millions but had no guts to invest in because you wanted a fairytale wedding. You will sleep better for the rest of your life knowing that you gave your real dreams a chance, instead of spending your money on getting exotic orchids at the wedding venue. And you never know, you may end up with those millions!

  1. Travel the world, you’ll learn and be a wiser person.

Nothing teaches us more than travelling to newer parts of the world. And if you are compromising on having a shorter honeymoon with your partner to a closer destination rather than going to your dream destination just because you can no longer afford it with that fat wedding, get rid of the fat wedding and travel wherever the hell you want to. You will have no regrets in life.

  1. Buy yourself beautiful things for your new home

You deserve that rocking chair, that pool table and that music system. It’s worth having that small bar in the corner of your living room, more than having booze flowing in your wedding for 858 unfamiliar faces. Invest in your own happiness, not in that of the people you won’t be seeing again in your life.

  1. Settle abroad in the country of your dreams

If you had wanted to go and live in some far off country with your spouse, do it with the cash you save by not splurging on the stupid wedding. Every penny counts with such a drastic life movement. Be smart and prioritize these decisions.

  1. Invest and save for your own future (and your kids’, if you plan on having any)

If you don’t have any serious life plans as of now, you must save instead of splurging, especially on a wedding. Buy yourself and your spouse a decent medical insurance. Learn about investment schemes and invest a decent amount in a reliable option. Money in your bank account is better than money in the account of a wedding planner or a banquet hall owner. Wedding industry is business. They thrive on your money. Your aspirations for that lavish wedding set their cash registers ringing. Understand this and your entire perspective towards weddings will begin to change. Plus, even if you don’t need money shortly, you will need it for your kid’s education and health. Plan wise and plan soon.

We spend all our lives working hard and saving money for hard days, for our dreams and our plans. Do you really think the fattest weddings leave time for the bride and groom and their immediate families to enjoy these moments that they truly deserve to enjoy? Don’t waste that hard earned money. Prioritize your life plans over that live pasta counter.

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