How to Make New Beginnings

Life is a highly dynamic experience. What is seemingly a perfect situation today will not be remotely relevant to you in a matter of a few days or weeks from now. Each of the coming moments will be conspiring to change you and make you whatever it was that you were meant to be. So, we have to learn to see the signs of the universe, and the signals you receive within your own body that ask you to make a change in your life. Sometimes, a change is brought by our own selves, while at other times, a turn of life events may force you to make a shift and take up a new journey.

You may be feeling the pinch at your current workplace, signalling that you need to make a move to a better work environment, probably in a new job. You may find your current relationship not giving you as much happiness or fulfillment, thus prompting you to change the situation or move out of the relationship. You may suddenly come across a new career opportunity in a different part of the country, or may be in a new part of the world, and hence, destiny (or whatever it is that you may want to call it) has thrown a new beginning your way.

A new career, or even a new job, moving to a new city, starting a new business, new beginnings require a new version of you, or rather, a better and more receptive version of you. Let us check out some of the ways you can make that new beginning and become more successful in that new beginning.

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  1. Drop all assumptions about yourself

People are very good at categorizing themselves into buckets. It is easy to term yourself “introvert”, “anti-social”, “short-tempered”, “shy” or any of the other negative personality traits that lead you to having preconceived notions about yourself. Once you are making a life change, the best thing you can do for yourself is to stop assuming things about yourself. Once you stop seeing yourself in these self-made categories, it is easier to adapt to a new routine, a new environment and new people. See it this way: if you keep telling yourself that you are the shy sort who doesn’t make friends easily, it will just get harder for you to take that step towards making new friends. So, drop those assumptions about yourself and open up.

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  1. Be fearless

Being fearless is the way the soul becomes more open. You already have broken that shield within you by plunging into this new beginning. In a way, you have already been fearless in taking this step for yourself. So don’t prevent yourself from moving ahead headlong by having any more fears, big or small. A small amount of fear helps us by telling us what is at stake, but if fear clouds your vision more often, then you should be consciously trying to reduce your fears.

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  1. Do something which you normally would not do

If you are turning over a new leaf, why not try to regularly do something which you normally don’t do? If you are moving out of your city for the first time and don’t like to go out alone, take yourself out on a date with yourself. If you have never talked to a stranger, do that the next time you are in the metro. Don’t like to make the first move at introducing yourself at a new workplace? Do it! You will find all that you are capable of doing just by taking these tiny steps towards being an all-embracing soul!

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  1. Don’t fuss about being prepared for everything

Don’t always strive to be prepared for everything. At times, go spontaneous. Some of the best experiences in life are had when we are least expecting them or prepared to have them. Also, in the spur of the moment, you can also realize more things about your personality than by predicting and controlling the outcomes of all your actions.  While making a new beginning, this becomes all the more important as the whole experience should hone you as a human being.

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  1. Embrace change every day

Some of us get uncomfortable with the changes that accompany new beginnings. See, once you have decided to start afresh in a new place (a new career, a new place, even a new relationship), try to celebrate every change, because all of them will accumulate in the long run to convert you into the new you! Isn’t it beautiful, that you get to experience things in a new way and be a new and improved version of yourself with this new beginning? Let each change remind you that you are in it for a bigger cause. Let each little change in your routine make you happier.





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  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself

New beginnings are tough, no matter how strong or adaptive you are, no matter how hard you try. There are days when you feel like you haven’t done enough, or things are going snail-pace. You may feel things are going against you or not as per you. In these scenarios, you should not be too harsh on yourself. Big life changes and especially new beginnings need you to remain focused and work steadily towards the bigger cause. If you take hit from every small setback, you are demotivating yourself and just making the climb harder. It is better to take things easy and not beat yourself over every little thing you couldn’t do.

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  1. Retain something old

New circumstances, new people to meet, new places to visit, are all a part of the scheme when you have set yourself up for the big new change. But you need something old and comforting to go back to, simply because we need a thread that binds the old with the new. Retain an old habit or something from your time prior to the change. This may help you see how far you have come with the same thing by your side.

Don’t let the roughness of the journey on this new path stagger you, or prevent you from walking this new path. You have one life and you are a dynamic creation of nature. Make that new beginning fearlessly. You will become a much better version of yourself, ultimately something that you were always meant to be.

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