Pillsbury Cookie Cake Review, Price

I love Pillsbury. Mostly because of its Cooker Cake. I clearly remember a Rs 30 or so pack of its mouth-wateringly delicious cooker cake which I used to buy very frequently and persuaded my mom to make for me when I was little. Ah, the good ol’ days! Since then, I have loved the cute little Pillsbury Doughboy and have tried almost every single thing that the company has introduced till date.

Spotting this new Pillsbury Cookie Cake in the market and not buying? Impossible!

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Packaging: A large cardboard box filled with 6 cookie cakes which are individually wrapped. This makes these easy to throw in the bag or give to your kids for lunch.

Range of Flavours: Pillsbury Cookie Cake comes in 2 flavours, Chocolate and Vanilla. Though I only managed to find chocolate flavour for my review (and hogging 😛 )


Nutritional Information: Check out the image for the nutritional information of Pillsbury Cookie Cake

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One cookie cake=96 kcals, if you are interested.

Taste and Texture: The name of this product intrigued me. And I was sold by the name alone! I mean, I love cookies and I love cake, so a cross between the two can only be divine, right? Let’s see. The first bite into Pillsbury Cookie Cake and I knew the texture, they had got it right. It was more like a soft cakey American cookie if you have tried one. Or you can say it was more of a slightly harder dry cake. Either way, the texture is perfect. There are chocolate chips embedded in the cake, and a drizzle of chocolate on top, but you can’t really distinguish these in the overall chocolate concoction. Coming to the overall taste, I can say that I was slightly disappointing as the chocolate flavour seems a bit artificial. Having always had Pillbury’s marvellous cooker cake and amazing cheesecake, I have bigger expectations from the company in terms of flavour. I wish they make it more chocolatey!

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Price:  Rs 60 for 6 pieces of Pillsbury Cookie Cake. Each cookie cake = 23 grams

Try it if:

  • You, like me, are all crazy about cookies and cakes and want to know what the cross-breed would feel like!

Don’t try it if:

  • You are disappointed easily by chocolate flavours that don’t seem chocolatey enough

FFS Rating: 3/5

Will I stock this? I will try the vanilla flavour, as vanilla is bae 🙂 As for this one, if they make it more chocolatey somehow, then I will re-buy.

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