The Unisex Guide to Healthy Feet

I would say feet are one of the most pitiable parts of body we have. They handle all our weight, take us places, make us run, walk and dance, but we rarely think about them till  the time they get a painful sprain, cracked heels or fungal infections. Healthy feet are as important for overall well-being as healthy skin or hands. Hence, I compile a guide to healthy feet: a list of things that should be done by all of us, men and women, to care for our feet: the support infrastructure of our bodies 🙂

  1. Never wear socks on wet or damp feet: It is very important to never wear socks on feet that have any kind of moisture or dampness as it can lead to fungal infection. Wait for feet to be thoroughly dry before wearing socks.


  1. For foot odour: All of us suffer from it. Change socks everyday. Wash your socks in disinfectant. As mentioned, never wear socks on wet feet. Rotate your shoes, as wearing the same shoes everyday will not allow your shoes to dry thoroughly. A teaspoon of baking powder helps absorb the odours from the “victim” shoes 🙂


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  1. For fungal infection: I would not comment on the kind of ointment you should apply, but there are some over the counter ones available for simple fungal infections. What is most preferable in case of fungal infection on feet is wearing open shoes or flip flops so that your feet remain dry and airy, as that would aid the quick elimination of infection.


  1. During monsoon and rains: You should wear waterproof footwear and completely avoid cloth, canvas or fabric shoes because once wet, they will remain wet throughout the day, leading to infection and odour. It is recommended to wear plastic sandals that allow water to pass through, plus you can remove them so that they dry. What I also suggest is, do not walk barefoot on the grass if you have any kind of foot infection or cracked heels, especially during rainy weather because it may aggravate the infection. Plus, who wants the creepy crawlies that poke out from the mud in the rains on their skin?!


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  1. For cracked heels: use coconut or olive oil everyday. Having suffered endlessly from heels that never heal (bad pun, or good, I don’t know 😛 ) I have tried hundreds of creams and lotions and salves, but nothing works better than slathering coconut or olive oil on the cracky mess and in a week, what you have is a complete face-lift of your heels!


  1. For calluses: If you suffer from calluses regularly, chances are that there is a problem with the type of shoes you are wearing (too flat, or with too much exposure, or simply ill-fitting and low on support). Hence, it is a good idea to buy better footwear. Also, you might be standing for far too long. It is recommended to use some oil on your feet every night and scrub the skin once or twice a week. Using oil helps the calluses soften and hence helps easy removal of hardened skin.


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  1. Instruments for keeping feet clean: This includes nail cutters, manicure/pedicure tools and scrubbing tools, which should be washed and sterilized thoroughly prior to use. I would suggest to not keep these tools in the bathroom as they tend to remain wet and hence, more prone to germs. It is better to keep them dry. I try to wash these tools with Dettol or some antiseptic liquid before and after use, so you could do that too.


  1. Wearing heels or uncomfortable footwear: Yes, you may say, just stop wearing those if they cause so much pain! But we do have to wear those uncomfortable shoes on some days (although I hardly wear heels myself). On occasions when it is completely unavoidable, it is great to carry a spare pair of footwear in your bag and change into heels only when required. Plus, change back to your comfy flats when you are through that interview or shaadi.

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  1. Nails: Keep them trimmed and a couple of times in a month, clean them thoroughly. Plus, if you wear nail paint often, I suggest going bare for a week once every month or so to make your nails breathe and stay healthy.


Love your feet, and take enough care of them. They deserve a lot of your love 🙂

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