13 Essential Makeup Tips for Girls Wearing Glasses

I have been wearing glasses for most part of my life. I had to start wearing them in middle school, and honestly, I don’t mind wearing them much. I never got bothered by being a girl with glasses. In college, I started using contacts quite frequently, but then when I started working, the long hours on the computer made me come back to my specs. But now, wearing glasses is so much in vogue! So all of us people who are stuck with specs, have a reason to rejoice.

Some of the people who wear glasses feel a bit low on confidence. This should not be so! These are a part of your identity. Accept them, embrace them. Be glad that you have so much choice in frames and designs. Back in the day when I was in school, and before that, there were just no choices! Be glad that even celebs wear these, and plus, they almost always give you that intellectual look!

There are certain tips that I would like to share with the girls who wear glasses, who feel that makeup is off territory for them, now that they have a huge thing sitting on their nose hiding half their face. Ladies, this list will equip you with techniques which, if followed correctly, make you look like a diva, that too, an intellectual one! I am suggesting some makeup and general tips for revolutionising the way you look with glasses


Makeup for eyes:

This is where you can go more adventurous than rest of the clan who doesn’t wear glasses

  1. Under eye: Girls, remember that glasses highlight your undereye area a lot more than you can imagine. If your under eye region is dark, then make it a point to moisturize and use a concealer on this area. The concealer should match the color of the rest of your face. You can also use a full coverage foundation. This would remarkably improve your appearance. Trust me.
  1. Eyeliner: This is again, a makeup essential for the glassed girl. Remember, the thicker the frames of your glasses, the thicker your eyeliner can be! However, go easy on it if your glasses are rimless ones, as they don’t hide your face and eyes as much as the thick framed ones.
  1. Mascara: Use a mascara to highlight those lashes which are unfortunately hidden behind the glasses. Go crazy with it. Use as much as you want! Try using one which increases the volume of your lashes. Mascara which lengthens might cause your lashes to touch the glasses, so bear that in mind. I totally recommend Maybelline Falsies Also use it on the lower lashes.
  1. Eyebrows: Keep eyebrows shaped. Even if you don’t want to get them professionally shaped or threaded (like me), it is still good to maintain them in a certain shape as it provides a cleaner look.
  1. Kohl: For the Indian girl, kohl or kajal is an everyday essential. More so if you’re a girl with glasses, as the kohl makes you look more awake and in general, a lot better. But do ensure that your undereyes are not dark, hence follow point 1 religiously.
  1. Eyeshadow: Go ahead and use it a lot too! Bear in mind that the eyeshadow color doesn’t clash with the color of your frames. Again, go easy if you’re wearing rimless glasses
  1. Nude Eyeliner on waterline: Try a nude/white eyeliner on the waterline to give illusion of bigger eyes. It does make a difference. Try NYX Wonderpencil or Revlon Photoready Kajal in Emerald Empire (use the nude Empire side of this pencil), or Lakme Eyeconic Kajal in White.


Makeup for Rest of the Face:

  1. Base makeup: Try to achieve clear skin with appropriate use of foundation/BB creams. If you don’t want to use them all over the face, then just use these to even out your complexion and hide the blemishes. This would help to keep the focus on your prettier features.
  1. Lipstick: A girl with glasses should experiment with interesting colors on their lips. If your frames are bright colored, then do ensure that the lipstick doesn’t make you look too made up, though. With regular black frames, try a pop of bright pink, some coral or orange in the daytime. Use reds and browns in the evening.
  1. Blush: It makes a huge difference to your bespectacled appearance. Do use a blush whenever you can.


General guidelines:

  1. Power of the glasses and eye makeup intensity: A rule of thumb is that if you’re near-sighted (myopic), then your glasses would make your eyes appear smaller. And if you’re far-sighted (hyperopic), your glasses make your eyes appear bigger. So do your eye makeup accordingly, which means that, if your eyes appear smaller, then use more makeup, and if your eyes appear bigger, then go easy on eye makeup! Simple!
  1. Frame color suggestions: The shape of your frames would totally depend on the shape of your face, and also your personal preference. But as far as the color of the frames is concerned, I suggest having neutral colored frames (black/dark brown), because then, you can be more adventurous with the makeup colors. On the other hand, if the frame is of a bold color, then you will have to keep other things subtle to avoid looking like a clown.
  1. Hairstyle: Try an interesting hairstyle to rev things up! Bangs and pouf look gorgeous with nerdy glasses. A sleek ponytail can help you rock the look with rimless glasses 🙂

I’m very sure these would make you look and feel so much better. Do ask me questions if you have any!

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