Budget Beauty Diaries: 10 Beauty Essentials for Girls Within Rs. 1500


Are prices really shooting up faster than the speed of light, or is it just me feeling so? No, it ain’t my illusion. This is the commonest complaint I have ever heard. Be it eating out, buying a new dress or getting some new make-up, almost EVERYTHING is so damn expensive every passing day. But we just can’t stop buying make-up now, can we? NEVER! So I took up this challenge. I set myself a budget of Rs. 1500, and decided to buy everything I need within that. Not one rupee more. And guess what? I pretty much managed to buy everything that I had set out for! Isn’t that a major accomplishment? (pat on my back 🙂 )

Here is the list of 10 absolute essentials that I bought for myself, all from good renowned brands, that too, within 1500 bucks:

31. Street Wear Color Rich Lipstick: Rs 180

Revlon sells these cuties under their mass brand, Street Wear. This lipstick is everything you can ask for. They offer gorgeous shades in reds, pinks and oranges and nudes in their range. It has a decent wear time. All in all, a great lipstick.

2. Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm: Rs 100

Winters and lip balms almost always feature together for me in a sentence! I have hoards of lip balms, but always buy more. This basic blue tube would save you from chapped lips. It is non-tinted so you can use it easily under lipstick.

43. Maybelline Colossal Kajal: Rs 199

My absolute favourite product ever. It is just the right black, right pigmentation, and lasts quite long. What’s more, you can double it up as an eyeliner and use it heavily to create a smoky eye! A versatile kajal, and comes for a mere 199.

4. Maybelline HyperCurl Volume Express Mascara: Rs 275

One of the most pocket friendly mascara in the Indian market. Make sure you buy the waterproof one. A decent and well working formula, great for regular usage.

5. Johnsons Baby Cream: Rs 65

No list is complete without a good moisturizing cream. This is perfect for everyone, irrespective of skin type. It keeps the skin well hydrated throughout the day, and it is so cheap! I use this under any makeup base, and it helps soothe my skin

26. Revlon ColorStay ShadowLinks Eyeshadow: Rs 175

These are simply amazing. You choose a color that you need out of their array of available shades. I believe they have 30 shades! You can create your own palette of colors, choosing the singles that you like. These are a good investment, since you only buy what you need.

7. Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint: Rs 75

These are one of the best things to have ever happened to the Indian cosmetic market. Period. You have every imaginable shade in the range. These have an acceptable wear time. The finish is nice and they dry fast. Everything about these is lovely!

8. Pond’s White Beauty All-in-One BB+ Fairness Cream: Rs 140

You cannot wear a foundation everyday. But you definitely CAN wear a BB cream everyday! This one from Pond’s is an absolute delight. At least for me. The only drawback is that you don’t have shade selections. But the shade that they have works well for me and most Indian complexions. It has SPF 30 as well!! A win-win all the way!

59. Street Wear Color Rich MegaShine Lip Gloss: Rs 150

I love the entire Street Wear range by Revlon. Especially the lip glosses. Not only because of the girly and cute packing, but also the formula! It isn’t sticky, and you have a number of shades to choose from! Plus the scent is awesome 😀

10. Lakme Insta Liner: Rs 110

You can check my detailed review for this here. One of the cheapest eyeliners ever, and quite a hit! Helps to draw deep black lines as this is extremely intense in pigmentation. A must have!

These are all the essentials you would need for everyday use. I will be covering their individual reviews slowly, but surely!

Where to buy: Well, all these can be bought at Dabur NewU, as they stock all these brands. Otherwise, all the Revlon, Street Wear, Lakme and Maybelline products can be found in any Lifestyle or Shoppers Stop. Oh why bother..get it all online, you might end up getting some more discount too!

By the way, we are still left with Rs 31 😀 What do you plan to do with them? (I bought myself a chocolate, you know I have a major sweet tooth!)

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