The Golden Treasure: Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil


Almonds and me..there is a very complicated relationship between us. While I love them in chocolates and desserts, I hardly eat them on their own. But there is a completely different love that I have for sweet almond oil. This treasure was first given to me by my Mom when I was really young. A bottle of this bright yellow golden liquid was always there in my home, irrespective of season or time.

We treated this almost like liquid gold, and used in minute quantities, as this is quite expensive. But using this is not only a luxurious pampering, it really leaves you feeling beautiful.

Our family has, for the last 30 years (or even more) got this oil extracted from a mill near our ancestral home in Old Delhi. Though we have moved on from there and live in a different part of the city now, we still get this extracted from the same people! I would like to share the ways we use this oil, and its various benefits:

  1. All-over Body Oil: It is an excellent moisturizer for the whole body, we sometimes use it as an all-over body oil post-bath
  2. Dark Circles: Can be used as an under-eye dark circle treatment at night before going to bed
  3. Face Massage: In very minute quantities, massaging the face with this oil on damp skin leaves it velvety smooth. Being rich in Vitamin E, it can also reduce wrinkles
  4. Hand and Cuticle Food: I use it as hand oil especially in winters. My extremities remain ice-cold despite wearing tons of woollens, so rubbing this oil on my palms and feet makes me feel warm. Using this on my cuticles helps relieve their dryness and keeps them supple
  5. Foot Treatment: I use this on my cracked feet at night, and wake up to softer feet
  6. Stretch Marks: This wonderful source of vitamin E, on its own, helps lighten stretch marks upon massaging the affected areas regularly everyday
  7. Eyelash Growth: This hastens the growth of eyelashes. The other day, I ended up using my eyelash curler in a stupid way, and some of my eyelashes got trimmed 🙁 I lost a lot of eyelashes. I started applying this oil regularly, and saw some improvement in their growth.
  8. On Hair and Scalp: I use it for head massage (get it done by my Mom when she is in a good mood 🙂 ). Post wash, it leaves my hair as smooth as no hair-spa or any other hair product ever can. Oh, and it cures dandruff and all forms of scalp dryness.

A couple of other uses, which I have read and heard, but not used myself are:

  1. Consumption with Milk: Consuming a teaspoonful mixed with a cup of warm milk can help boost memory, improve skin and overall health
  2. Lip Scrub: Can be used on lips as a scrub, mixing with sugar, would leave lips smooth and free of dryness. I believe it can help reduce lip pigmentation too

DO remember that sweet almond oil is different from bitter almond oil. Sweet almond oil has a beautiful, mild scent, whereas bitter almond oil has a bitter, pungent smell.

Do give this beautiful and useful thing a chance. You will love it too!

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